The Beltra Badger Tube Fly

Needle Tubes and Tube Flies

Step by Step tying of a Beltra Badger (variant) salmon needle tube fly

by John Gray

Below is a step-by-step tying sequence of a variant of the famous Irish salmon fly, the Beltra Badger, in this instance a tube fly dressed on a fine stainless steel needle tube. Loosely based on the original tying of the Beltra Badger salmon fly, this variant has been dressed in line with the modern style of long tailed shrimp flies such as Ally Gowans's famous Cascade salmon fly.

The Beltra Badger Salmon Tube Fly

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly


tube: 20mm - I have used a stainless steel needle tube diameter 1.5mm
tail/underwing: yellow over orange bucktail with two strands Krystal Flash over
body: bare silver needle tube
wing: natural badger hair
hackles: blue over yellow

For more information, see Gray's Needle Tubes

Step 1 - Place needle tube in tube fly vice and wind a bed of black tying thread about one quarter of the way along.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 1


Step 2 - Tie in a sparse bunch of orange bucktail.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 2


Step 3 - Tie in a sparse bunch of yellow bucktail on top of the orange.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 3


Step 4 - Tie in a doubled strand of pearl Krystal Flash.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 4


Step 5 - Tie in an overwing of natural badger hair, slightly shorter than the bucktail.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 5


Step 6 - Tie in a yellow hackle.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 6


Step 7 - Wind three turns of the yellow hackle.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 7


Step 8 - Wind two or three turns of blue hackle in front of the yellow, form a neat head and varnish.

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly - step 8

Book - Sea Trout Nights



The Beltra Badger (variant) Needle Tube Fly

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly


Beltra Badger Tube Fly with PVC sleeve and double hook

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly


A few more Beltra Badger Tube Fly Variants

The Beltra Badger Tube Fly


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