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A Little Book of Clyde Trout Flies

Compiled by Tom Forsyth of Lesmahagow (1907 - 1999)


This little book of flies, transcribed from a meticulously kept hand-written notebook and published here for the first time (August 2007), lists detailed dressings of the many fly patterns used by the author in a lifetime of fly fishing on the Clyde and other Scottish waters. In listing over 150 trout fly dressings, many of them little known beyond the Clyde valley, Tom Forsyth has given us a valuable insight into the kind of trout flies which were popular in Scotland throughout the twentieth century. Of particular interest to the modern trout fly fisherman and fly tyer will be the dressings of the many Clyde Style flies, patterns unique to that great Scottish trout and grayling fishing river. Also included is a helpful Monthly Guide to Clyde Wet Flies, which lists the flies appropriate for each month throughout the fishing season on the River Clyde.


Clyde Style Flies

a page in Tom Forsyth's book


Below is a list of the contents of the book, page by page. Click on a page number to view it.

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Page 1  Orange Quill Red Spider Kite's Imperial Maxwell's Red MaxwelL's Blue Black Gnats

Page 2 Oliver Kite's Copper Wire Nymph Woodcock Sedge  The PolyMay Mayfly Female Sub-Imago July Dun

Page 3 Large Dark Olive (wet fly) John Storey The Infallible White Moth Olive Sun Nymph

Page 4 The Loopwing Russell's Grannom Goldie Cran Swallow (Clyde Fly) Blue Upright (Clyde Fly) Hen Blackie (Clyde Fly)

Page 5 Fireflies that kill at dusk Tony's Nymph Clipped Butcher Lucky Alphonse The Driffield Dun   Hatching Olive

Page 6 Problems of the Smut Mayfly The Bluebottle Spider Greenwell's Quill Dark Olive Dun

Page 7 Medium Olive Dun Pale Olive Dun Pale Olive Dun Rough Olive Black Midge March Brown Iron Blue Dun

Page 8 Black Spider Red Quill Blue Hen Spider Sand Fly Badger Hackle Corncrake Sedge Cinnamon Sedge Grannom or Greentail

Page 9   Black Sedge Needle Brown Grayling Fiddler Zulu Hare Lug Wren Tail Grayling Witch Welshman's Butty Grey Spider


Page 10  Teal and Black Reid's Assassin Waterhen Bloa Partridge Tail and Black March Brown Dark Olive Greenwell Iron Blue Dun

Page 11  Black Spider Greenwell Spider Blae and Harelug Hen Blackie Blae and Black Blue Winged Olive Cock Pheasant Tail

Page 12  Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Waterhen and Black Cowdung Starling Tip Blae and Yellow Medium Olive Sand Fly  

Page 13  Yellow Doctor White Tip Red Tag Teal and Red Coch-Y-Bondhu Partridge Tail and Red Blue Dun Blue Quill

Page 14  Dark Patridge and Orange Light Partridge and Yellow Lark and Grey Red Sedge Woodcock and Hare's Ear Rough Olive Tupp's Indispensible Ash Dun

Page 15  Grouse Hackle Black Gnat Blae and Ginger Needle Brown Hawthorn Corncrake Marled Corncrake Cinnamon Sedge Badger Dun  

Page 16  Pale Evening Dun Butcher Whitechurch Dun Grannom Green Insect Saltoun Little Brown Dun Guinea Fowl and Red Cran Swallow Mavis and Black



Page 18 Grey Hen and Green Grey Hen and Rusty Grey Hen and Yellow Grey Hen and Orange Grey Hen and Red Badger and Quill Badger and Yellow Badger and Orange Badger and Red

Page 19 Black Spider March Brown Spider Red Spider Dark Olive Blue Winged Olive Medium Olive Light Olive Blue Upright

Page 20 Blue Dun Iron Blue Dun Rough Olive Coch-Y-Bondhu Tupp's Indispensible Greenwell Spider Black Gnat Pheasant Tail


Page 21 March Brown Immature March Brown Mature Iron Blue Immature Iron Blue Mature Greenwell Immature Greenwell Mature Blue Winged Olive Immature Blue Winged Olive Mature

Page 22   Light Olive Immature Light Olive Mature Pale Watery Immature Pale Watery Mature Large Pale Watery Immature Large Pale Watery Mature Blue Dun Immature Blue Dun Mature Claret Immature Claret Mature

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