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Salmon Spinhead

Articles on Scottish Game fishing

by John Gray

This page lists a series of nearly 100 game fishing articles, written over the years, on memorable fishing days and nights, fishing devices, fly tying patterns, sometimes simply random thoughts on a fishing related topic. The subject matter, then, is varied but focuses particularly on fly fishing for trout, salmon and sea trout in Scotland, the river and loch locations, the fishing flies used and the methods employed. The fishing articles may be selected for viewing by clicking on a title in the panel on the right. Note that each article will open in a new window.

The articles are fairly wide ranging Salmon Fishing Articlesrelating to a wide variety of fishing subjects, from fly tying step by step illustrations to tales of fly fishing on Scottish rivers and lochs, for salmon, sea trout and brown trout; from some thoughts on fly lines and Spey casting to the making of a wading stick; The merits of catch and release in salmon fishing.

There are some articles relating to new developments in salmon and sea trout tube fly design, recently condensed into a website entitled Tube Flies; angling club waters on the Tying Needle Tube FliesSpey, Ness and elsewhere; steelhead fly fishing in North America and new tube flies to catch them; the development of the Spinhead, a new salmon fly fishing device; sea trout fishing on the Spey, Earn, Endrick and Avon; Gray's Loop, a new fly line leader loop; memories of fish and fishing places in Scotland; photographs of flies,Sea Trout Fishing fish and fishing locations throughout Scotland and elsewhere; salmon and sea trout catches in recent years on the Grantown association water of the River Spey; notes on the recent development of Grays Needle Tubes and Tube Flies for salmon, steelhead and sea trout fishing, developed and manufactured in Scotland by Grays of Kilsyth; a new tube fly vice, designed to hold ultra slim needle tubes, down to 1.5 mm outside Tying a snake tube flydiameter, the finest plastic lines metal tubes currently available commercially for fly tying; step-by-step illustrated fly tying instructions on how to tie a variety of trout, sea trout and salmon flies, for example traditional patterns like the Stoat's Tail salmon fly, Ally Gowans's Cascade, the Mallard and Silver sea trout fly, and more modern fly styles such as Scottish Shrimp tube flies, Wee Monkeys, the Fiery Cascade salmon needle tube fly, the Black & Silver sea trout tube fly, Irish Shrimp tube flies. 

I have also begun to transcribe my old fishing diaries (see panel to the right).

Wild Trout Fishing in Scotland - The Way Ahead

A possible future for wild trout fishing in Scotland?

Salmon Articles

Needle Tube Fly Fishing
Gray's Loop
The Spinhead
Making a Wading Stick
The Muckle Saumon
Scottish Shrimp Tubes
Wee Monkey Tube Flies
The Stoat's Tail
Linked Tube Flies
Bead Tube Flies
Fishing the Flug
The Magus
The Spey Cast
Fishing on the Ness
Salmon Fishing on Spey
Needle Tube Flies
Cascade Tube Flies
Blackback Tube Flies
Catch and Release
Salmon Fly Hooks
Spey Salmon Statistics
Needle V Waddington
Fiery Cascade Tube Fly
River Spey Photographs
MiniTube Flies
Spring Tube Flies
River Nairn
Fishing in Scotland
The Willie Gunn Tube Fly
Fishing Photographs
River Nairn Photographs
Salmon Fishing Photos
A Question of Depth
Upside Down Flies

Sea Trout Articles

Sea Trout Fishing - Guide
Sea Trout Fishing - where
Sea Trout Fishing - when
Sea Trout Fishing - flies
Sea Trout Fishing - tackle
Spey Sea Trout
The Needle Fly
Sea Trout Fishing
Black & Yellow Tube Fly
Needle Tube Snake
Micro Tube Flies
Endrick Sea Trout
An August Night
The Sea Trout Fisher
Fishing & Religion
Will I Stay?
Sea Trout Decline
Sea Trout River
Simple Snake Fly
Avon Sea Trout
Black & Silver Tube Fly
Mallard & Silver Fly
Sea Trout Fly Tying
Simple Sea Trout Fly
Black & Pink Fly
Sea Trout Fishing Photos
Snake Tube Fly
Isle of Skye
Night Tube Fly
Border Esk Photographs
River Liddle Photographs
River Dulnain
Free Swinging Tube Fly Hook

Trout Articles

The Corrie Loch
A Book of Flies
Wild V Stocked
Fly Lines
A Walk in the Hills
A Highland River
Tying the Loch Fly
Trout Fishing Photos
Carron Valley Fishing
Trout Fly Tying


Fly Tying Articles

Gray's Needle Tubes
The Ruddy Buck Tube Fly
Cascade Step-by-Step
Salmon Needle Fly
Making Tube Flies
The Lammas Shrimp Fly
The Salmon Tingler
Salmon Shrimps
Steelhead Needle Tubes
Steelies for Steelies
Beltra Badger Tube Fly
The Spring Green Tube Fly
Tube Fly Vise
The Dusty Miller Tube Fly
The Magus Shrimp Tube
The Needle Shrimp
Irish Shrimp Tube Fly
Summer Shrimp Flies
Cascade Needle Tube
Needle Tube Shrimp

Scottish Game Fishing Diary

I have also begun to transcribe my fishing diaries, a simple log of my fishing days and nights from 1985 onwards. These can be read at GAME FISHING DIARY

There is a series of articles on Sea Trout Fishing, a kind of Sea Trout for Starters series (since developed into a website about Sea Trout Fishing on British Rivers), which may interest those thinking about trying sea trout night fishing, and, recently added, a few pages showing a selection of fly fishing photographs, of trout, sea trout and salmon fishing river and loch locations throughout Scotland, and some of the flies used in their deception .... and much more on a variety of fly fishing subjects.




Trout and Salmon Fishing