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Trout Flies for the River Clyde

Compiled by Tom Forsyth of Lesmahagow (1907 - 1999)

Page 7

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Favourite Flies for the River Clyde (continued)



Body: Medium Olive Quill

Hackle: Cock hackle, dyed medium olive

Wing: Snipe upright



PALE OLIVE DUN              Season - June & July

Body: Light Olive Quill

Hackle: Cock dyed light olive

Tail: Light Olive

Wing: Starling upright



ROUGH OLIVE                   Season - April

Body: Dark Quill

Hackle: Red and black centre

Tail: dark Olive

Wing: Hen Blackbird



BLACK MIDGE                   Season - Warm days in summer

Body: Black Quill

Hackle: Black Hen

Wing: Speckled hackle points dyed yellow



MARCH BROWN                Season - April

Body: Brown Quill

Hackle: Cock hackle dyed olive

Tail: Dark Olive

Wing: Hen Pheasant wing upright



IRON BLUE DUN               Season - April & May. Cold days in September

Body: Black Quill

Hackle: Cock hackle dyed olive

Tail: Dark Olive

Wing: Blackbird upright


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