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Salmon Fishing on the River Findhorn at Forres

Antons Pool, Forres Angling Association

Broom Pool, Forres angling Association

River Spey fishing at Grantown

Antons Pool

Broom Pool

Cloddy Pool

Full details of the salmon fishing on the four miles of River Findhorn controlled by the Forres Angling Association, together with advice, information and additional photographs can be found on the Forres Association website newly updated for the start of the 2022 fishing season

Photographs of Forres Angling Association Salmon Fishing Pools

Shown below are some of the excellent salmon fishing pools on the FORRES ANGLING ASSOCIATION water on the lower four miles of the River Findhorn. The fishing controlled by the association stretches from the Red Craig pool at Mundole Caravan Park down to the tidal Sea Pool where the River Findhorn meets Findhorn Bay.

Most of the pools on the association water are readily accessed from convenient car parking places. Unless the river is running high, many of the pools can be fished easily from the bank using a single handed rod.

click on images to enlarge

Red Craig Pool, Findhorn, Forres Stony Pool, Findhorn, Forres
Red Craig Pool Stony Pool
Newton Pool, Findhorn, Forres Bridge Pool, Findhorn, Forres
Newton Pool Suspension Bridge
Roadside Pool, Findhorn, Forres Tail of Roadside Pool, Findhorn, Forres
Roadside Pool Roadside Tail
Railway Pool, Findhorn, Forres Upper Broom Pool, Findhorn, Forres
The Railway Pool Upper Broom Pool
Sonnie's Pool, Forres, River Findhorn Gordon Pool, River Findhorn, Forres
Sonnie's Pool Gordon Pool
Dump Pool, Findhorn, Forres Tail of the Dump Pool, Forres
The Dump Pool Tail of the Dump Pool
Meg Pool, Forres Angling Association Collins Pool, River Findhorn, Forres
Meg Pool Collins Pool
Antons Pool, River Findhorn, Forres Cloddy Pool, Forres A ngling Association
Antons Pool Cloddy Pool

More Information about Association Fishing on the Findhorn

For further information on the salmon and sea trout fishing on the Forres Angling Association water of the Findhorn, see:

Forres Angling Association Permits

Forres Angling Association Pool Photographs

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Forres Angling Association Maps

Forres Angling Association - Findhorn River Levels

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