Scottish Fishing Diary 1988

Needle Tubes and Tube Flies

Scottish Fishing Days and Nights 1988

by John Gray

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Friday 8th July - Meetings

It had been the driest June on record but the first week of July was very wet with some heavy showers. The Endrick had seen a spate early on Friday and had run off by the evening. A few fish were seen running over the Pots earlier in the day. I fished the Meetings till 11.30 with Alan but saw no sign of fish. It may be worth trying further upriver by the Glasgow Fair.

Sunday 10th July - Meetings

There was a good big spate on Sunday mid-day. The river was lower at midnight but still coloured. No sign of fish in the Dam yet, although there were reports of fish running over the Pots during Sunday.

Monday 11th July

Still no fish in evidence in Cowden Mill Dam. Heavy rain again on Tuesday night.

Wednesday 13th July

I began at the Black Lynn, with the river running tea coloured after a spate. Fish were running and I had two offers, one in the run above the Lynn, the other at the tail end of the pool, to a size 10 black and red treble shrimp. The river started rising and colouring. J Brown had 2 fish from the Black Lynn about 3 pm.

Cowden Mill 6 pm to 10 pm - Fish started moving in the Dam at last but the river was rising and colouring, although running at a good height. Billy Sinclair lost two fish. There now seems to be a good head of fish throughout the river.

Thursday 14th July - Cowden Mill  11pm - 3 am

Ideal conditions with a good flow and good cloud cover, fairly mild and calm. No sign of fish moving but four fish were caught between 8 fishers, with Alec taking one at 1.5 lbs and Robert 3 fish to 2 lbs.

Peter had a 4 lb grilse Friday morning 5 am at the Corporation Pool and lost another. The Black Lynn also seems to be doing well for the grilse. The Loch is said to be full of fish!

18th to 23rd July - River Deveron

2 sea trout

Had a week's holiday on the middle Deveron on the beats let by George Manson of Huntly, at what seemed like reasonable rates of £13 per day or £78 for the week. Over the week, I fished three beats in rotation - Braehead, Boat of Turtory ( including the Boulders and Euchries pools) and Inchline, the top beat. The river was dropping and clearing nicely all week, at a good fly height in the early part of the week and improving for night fishing towards the end of the week as the peat stain disappeared. I saw very few fish during the week. Those I did see were mainly in Boat of Turtory. I finished the week with two sea trout, both 2 1/2 pounds, one from Braehead at 11 pm on Thursday night and the other from Euchries on Boat of Turtory at 11.45 on the Friday night. I also had a nice brown trout of 1 1/4 pounds from Euchries on the Tuesday evening on a medicine. The sea trout were taken on fly/maggot. I heard that the sea nets had been left on over the weekend of my arrival due to rough weather but there had been a good run of grilse early in July.

A nice bit of water .... and I didn't see another angler all week.

Sunday 24th July - Midnight - 4 am

Back on the Endrick on the Sunday night, there were fish in the Dam but few were showing. The weather started nice but turned wild and wet later on. The river was at a good height, if maybe running slightly fast. Only 3 fishers. Robert had 3 at 2 lbs, Frank 1 at 3 lbs. I had one offer which resulted in a broken top dropper. I think I need a better casting floating line. Will try the WF8F Glider.

Monday 25th July - Cowden Mill - 7pm-11pm                       

( Alan 1 sea trout)

The river was running at a good height, almost covering the stone, and clearing. About seven fish, both grilse and sea trout, had been taken earlier in the day. One rod had a fish of four or five pounds around 8 pm. Alan had a sea trout of 2 lbs 6 ozs shortly after on a size 10 shrimp treble. With the river clearing, it may fish later in the night if no more rain. Seems to be a good number of fish in the river now.

Tuesday 26th July - Cowden Mill - 11 pm - 4 am

River running clear but a little too high for the floating line. 1 fish caught by Colin about 11 pm. Nothing else caught and few fish showing. A few fish reported caught earlier in the day.

Wednesday 27th July - Cowden Mill - 12 midnight - 4 am  

2 sea trout

River running at a perfect floating line height. A cool, dry night with broken cloud and not many fish showing. Three fish had been taken before 12 midnight. I ended the night with two fish, one of 1 1/4 lb from below the burn at 2.30 am and the other, 2 lb 6 oz from the burn mouth at 3.30 am.

Rain during Thursday from 11 am onwards throughout the afternoon in Kilsyth.

Thursday 28th July - 7 pm - 11pm     

1 sea trout lost

Cowden Mill - River was rising and colouring until about 9 pm when it steadied and began to clear. Perfect about 10 pm when I hooked the biggest fish I've had on the Endrick, certainly into double figures. The fish was hooked near my own bank about midway down the pool and ran very quickly downstream at the corner opposite the burn. In a panic - induced attempt to slow its headlong rush towards the dam face, I fear I may have applied a bit too much pressure to the reel rim. My cast of 12 lb Maxima broke above the top dropper and the fish was gone. Flies: Size 8 orange shrimp treble with orange pearly body and a purple, pink, black and silver shrimp treble.

One other fish of about 6 lbs was caught.

Friday 29th July  12 midnight - 4.30 am

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - A cool evening, which began windy turning calmer with increasing cloud cover. A bright night with the moon obscured by cloud. Very few fish showing. Eight or nine fishers gathered to begin fishing about 11.30 pm. Four fish caught, one a grilse of 4 lbs. My fish, a nice sea trout of 2 1/2 pounds, was hooked at the burn mouth at 2.30 am on a size 10 fly with 3 maggots. Floating just right for the good to slow flow.

Monday 1st August - 12 midnight - 4 am

1 sea trout

Seven fishers. I was 3rd on the pool. Mild night with moon behind cloud. Perfect floating line height and quite a few fish in the pool. 4 fish caught. My fish, 1 lb, was taken just below the burn on a floating line and size 10 spider ( with 3 maggots). Reports of 135 fish taken last week.

Wednesday 3rd August - 4 pm - 3.30am

1 sea trout

Fished the Milk Bar to Netherton till 7 pm. Nice small pools at the top end but water far too low. Decided to try Cowden Mill in the dark. Water very low with just a slight flow. Very bright moon in a clear sky. Fished size 8 and 10 spiders with a neutral braided tip, shortened to suit the low water conditions. Alec had 2 fish about 6 lbs each, using his usual teal blue and silver and butcher with a few maggots. Allan Murray had 2 fish about 6 lbs. Both Alec and Alan kept their flies on the move slowly by handlining occasionally. My fish, 2 lbs, was taken at 3.30 am in the middle of the pool. Quite a few big fish in evidence in the pool. Total for 4 fishers - 6 fish.

Thursday 4th August - 12 midnight - 3.30 am

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - Very warm, humid night, dark and cloudy at first but clearing and brightening a little through the night. Very few fish moving. About 6 fishers on the pool when I arrived with only one fish caught, a fish of about 3 lbs caught by Alan, who also lost a big fish. One other small fish caught. My fish was taken midway down the pool while figure of eight retrieving to recast, a nice fresh two and a half pounder, which took a size 10 spider with 5 maggots. Total for the night - 3 fish for 7 fishers. Pool flowing a bit slowly - need some rain!

RAIN - Friday night through to Saturday midday, the Garrell burn was running high, after being dry on Friday. The Endrick should fish well Saturday?

Saturday 6th August - 6 pm to 9 pm

Fished Ballochruin till 9 pm - no fish seen. The river had not risen enough.

Monday 8tt August - 12 midnight - 4 30 am

Cowden Mill - River very low with very little flow. Handlining the flies most of the time. A very clear night with no moon and very mild. A few big fish moving. Four fishers, nothing caught. I lost a lively fish of 5 or 6 lbs hooked under the tree at the tail of the pool. I played it for a couple of minutes before the hook came out. No other touches. Reports of good catches on the Dam Saturday night.

Tuesday 9th August - 10.30 pm - 3.30 am 

2 sea trout

Cowden Mill - About 7/8 fishers to start. A warm, clear night with no moon. River very low, handlining necessary. I missed one fish and caught one of 1 lb about 11 pm. Alec missed 2. Everyone else left by 2.30 with no more caught. I eventually had a second fish below the burn mouth. I was trying a surface lure on the tail with fly/maggot on the dropper, handlining fast on the surface. The fish, a nice one of 4 3/4 lbs, took the dropper.

Heavy rain for an hour or two on Wednesday night but not quite enough for daytime fishing. Again heavy rain from 4 - 5 pm Thursday. Heavy rain forecast from 12 midnight till 4 am Friday

Friday 10th August - 5.30 am - 8 am 

1 sea trout

Coolies - Very little rain during the night. River running clear and not very high. Heavy rain from 5 am till 8 am and continuing through the morning, with the river rising and colouring. By 8 am, the burns were running high and dirty. Rain due to ease by late morning, when the river should begin to clear. I hooked one fish of about a pound very first cast at 5.30 am. on an orange shrimp.  Alan played it, a very lively fish.

Friday 10th August - 5.30 pm - 12 midnight

Cowden Mill - River ran high and coloured until evening. Still too much colour. Only one sea trout caught by Billy, a fish of 3 to 4 pounds. I missed one and foul hooked a sea trout of 2 lbs (returned). Could be a good level at daybreak Saturday.

Monday 15th August - 10 pm - 4 am 

5 sea trout

Cowden Mill

After heavy rain over the weekend and a high spate on Sunday, the river had dropped by Monday evening and was running clear, at a perfect height for the sink tip line. Others thought so too as five fishers had gathered at the dam for a 9.30 start. A warm night with some encouraging cloud cover and no moon but, with the tractor lights from the haymaking disturbing the pool until 10.30pm, things were a little slow to start.

I had one smallish fish of around 2Ā¼lbs from behind the stone in the middle of the pool, lost another and foul hooked a grilse, which was duly returned, all before midnight. Alec had two fish and two others were caught early on. Things went very quiet between midnight and 3am, by which time all but myself and two others had left. It was looking like a fairly average night.

Just occasionally, though, we experience an exceptional day or night's fishing, when all the time and effort spent on the river seems worthwhile - when, as Alec puts it, we are rewarded for good attendance. This was such a night. In the space of no more than half an hour, between 3am and 3.30am, without moving my stance, I hooked, and landed, four sea trout in four casts. The total weight of the four fish was 19¾lbs and the biggest was 8lbs, until recently my biggest ever sea trout. I might have added to my bag but, deciding enough was enough, I called on Robert, who had been fishing some way up the pool, to take my place at the "hot spot". This was one of my favourite spots, about ten yards or so above the Dam, casting to a narrow gap in the overhanging trees on the far side. The fish usually took just as the flies emerged from under the trees. Robert, on this occasion, had no success. I, though, had had a magical half hour, never to be forgotten, or repeated. I must have been casting over a shoal of large fresh fish, ready and willing to take my flies after entering the dam minutes earlier. I fished the usual 2 flies, one size 8 Pheasant tail spider on the dropper and one size 10 black and silver spider on the tail, both sparsely dressed and adorned with a few maggots. That night I was certainly in the right place at the right time.

5 Sea Trout - 8lbs, 4lb 12 oz, 3lb 8 oz, 3lb 8 oz, 2 lb 4 oz  ( total 22 lbs)

Tuesday 16th August - 1 am - 4 am

Cowden Mill - River at a perfect height, slightly lower than Monday. Chilly air under a clear sky. Fish inactive, although about five fish were taken before midnight.

Heavy rain Wednesday night/Thursday morning and very heavy rain around 3 pm for about an hour on Thursday in Kilsyth. Carron Dam is full, so a good supply of water being allowed down into the Endrick. The river is maintaining its height quite well after a spate.

Thursday 18th August - 5.30 pm - 10 pm

Cowden Mill Dam - Between 1 pm and 4 pm about 12 salmon were caught on the dam (Robert 3, Frank 5, Billy 3) but , by 5 pm, the river was rising and no more fish were taken that day. No rain during the night to speak of but the river was still running at a reasonable height in the morning, just below the stone, maybe 2 or 3 inches below perfect height.

Friday 19th August - 5.30 pm - 10 pm

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - River slightly high with a bit of colour and a lot of suspended solids in the water. Height steady but slow to lose its colour. Davy had a lovely sea trout about 7 lbs at the tail of the dam on a big GP. Nothing else had been taken since 5.30. I had a nice fresh sea trout of 3 3/4 lbs just above the corner at 9.15 pm just as it was getting dark. It took an orange shrimp on the dropper. The river would be a good height on Saturday morning. It was later reported that 25 fish had been taken on worm/ spinner on the opposite bank of the dam on Saturday.

Monday 22nd August -12 midnight - 4 am

2 sea trout 

Cowden Mill - A perfect height for the floating line. A very clear night, chilly with no moon and a ground frost at 4 am. Very few fish moving. Six fish caught by six fishers. I had two of them, one on second cast under the beech tree, 2 1/4 lbs and one at the tail of the pool at 1.45 am, 5 lbs 12 ozs.

Wednesday 24th August - 2 pm - 5 pm

Manse to Honeyhome - Water too low despite rain in the morning.

9.30pm - 1 am Dam - Water just right for floating line, maybe a shade low. Very few fish moving. Nothing taken by four rods. Maybe too chilly! Heavy rain for 2 or 3 hours on Saturday morning. Probably spate Saturday morning.

Monday 29th August - 12 midnight - 4 am  

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - River quite low - floating line. Farm light turned off at midnight. Full moon, bright by moon hidden by cloud most of the time. Very few fish moving. Seems to be a lack of sea trout but good early grilse run. I had one sea trout at the very tail of the pool at 1.15am on a size 10 spider, a fresh sea-liced fish of 3 3/4 lbs. I hooked another fish at 3 am at the mouth of the burn which took off downstream with half my backing out in one run and threw the hook ----- may have been foul hooked!

Tuesday 30th August - 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

After rain overnight Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the river was rising and colouring.

Wednesday 31st August - 6 am - 2 am   

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - At 6 am, the river was just breaking the stone and dropping. perfect height, slightly peaty coloured water. About 8 fishers, nothing caught.

1pm - 8.30 pm Black Lynn. Water looking very good, if slightly on the low side and dropping. Very few fish about. One fisher lost 2 fish on small flies fished on a sinking line. I didn't touch a fish.

Cowden Mill - Back on the dam at 10 pm for a night shift and the river looked a good height for the sink tip, although most fish were taken on the floater. I started with the sink tip - no touches. I had one of 4 1/4 lbs at 2 am right at the tail after changing to the floater and a size 8 spider. A total of 4 fish were caught between 7 or 8 fishers, most in the two hours before midnight. Later it became very cold and quite windy at times

Friday 2nd September - 6 am - 8 am

Cowden Mill - Water a good height after rain yesterday. One or two fish showing but nothing caught. Two fishers spinning the opposite bank. Alex had one in the run below the dam.

Heavy continuous rain Friday afternoon.

Saturday 3rd September - 6.30 - 8.30 am

Coolies Lynn - River running high but clear. Very cold and windy. Dam would probably fish well. 2 or 3 fish seen in Coolies. Should still be at a reasonable height at closing time, 5 pm.

Black Lynn - 5 30 - 8.30pm - River dropping. One sea trout and one salmon caught, not by me.

Sunday 4th September - 12 midnight - 3 am

1 sea trout  

Cowden Mill - Water a good height - neutral line. Very heavy showers 9 pm till 11 pm but dry from 11 pm till 1 am then very heavy rain through the night. 6 fishers for 2 fish caught. My fish was a lovely fresh 5 1/2 pounder, which gave a strong fight hooked midway down the pool on the far side at 12.45am. Then heavy rain. Gave up at 3 am. Dry most of Monday. Should be good Monday night. 

Monday 5th September - 11.30 pm - 3 am   

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - River slightly high but running clear. No fish moving until 2 am and then only a few. Appear to be very few sea trout about. A lovely night, a bit of cloud and reasonably mild. All other fishers left by 1 am. I had a nice sea trout of 3 1/2 pounds at the burn mouth at 2 am and a 1 lb brownie in the tail shortly after - neutral line.

Wednesday 7th September - 5 pm - 7 pm

1 sea trout  

Stinky Burn - Coolies - Water at a good height, clear with brown stain. Very few fish seen. Sunny day, very warm. Alan had one at dusk in Coolies.

Dam - 9pm - 3am - Seven fishers, very warm and thundery with lightning from time to time and very hot breezes in the middle of the night along with a few brief showers. Only four fish caught, all down near the tail of the pool. My fish - 4 lb 14 oz, caught about 1am.

Thursday 8th September - 6 pm - 8 pm 

Cowden Mill - Water a bit low and dropping but still too high for night fishing. The Dam had been fished all day and nothing caught. Only 2 or 3 fish moved. May be good Friday night for sea trout. There appears to be a lack of sea trout although the average size of about 3 1/4 lbs is good.

Friday 9th September - 10pm - 3.30am

Cowden Mill - River at a good floating line height. A mild, dark cloudy night. Only 5 small fish, under 2 lbs, caught. I didn't have a touch. A definite lack of sea trout

Monday 12th September - 12 midnight - 4 am

Cowden Mill - River again at a good height for the floating line. Very dark, windy and rainy. Very few fish about. No touches. The rain continued into the morning. Should be a spate Monday.

Wednesday 14th September - 9 pm - 2 am

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - A clear cold night with a touch of ground frost. A few fish moving in the dam. 5 fish were taken, three of them by Alex at the top of the pool. I had a dark cock fish of 4 3/4 lbs at the mouth of the burn about midnight. River low - floating line and size 10 fly.

Thursday 15th September - 9 pm - 1 am

1 sea trout             

Cowden Mill - Only one other fisher who left at 11pm. River low but enough flow for size 10 flies on a floater. Very clear and cold with few fish showing. I had one of 2lbs 2 ozs just below the beech tree at midnight.

Monday 19th September - 12 midnight - 4 am

Cowden Mill - Mild night, river very low with almost no flow. A good number of fish moving, maybe running, but no takers.  Need a spate!

Tuesday 20th September - 8.30 pm - 4 am

Cowden Mill - A good number of fish moving, some fish coming into the pool, some of them big. River very low with no flow. A very mild night, cloudy and dark with occasional drizzle. Alex had a fish of 1 1/2 lbs and George one of 2 lbs at the tail. I touched nothing. Water needed.

Friday 23rd September - 11 pm - 3 am 

1 sea trout      

Cowden Mill - There was a spate today after rain yesterday and this morning. River still high but dropping from 11pm till 3am. The rain was constant from midnight onwards and the river began to rise at 3am. A cold wet night. Only 4 fishers. One good fish lost and one of 2 lbs caught. My fish, 3 lbs 2 ozs, was taken two thirds of the way down the pool at 3 am and I lost one shortly after at the burn mouth. Sink tip line.

A good spate Saturday morning with more rain due on Sunday in time for the Monday holiday.

Monday 26th September  Dawn to Dusk 

1 sea trout 

Fished from dawn into the darkness in a good water. Began at the dam with no success. At the top of the run above the Black Lynn, I had one sea trout of 2 lb 6 oz on a size 8 shrimp. Drumtian produced nothing. Very few fish were caught all day. Fished the Dam well into the darkness with no result

Wednesday 28th September - 12 midnight till 4 am

1 sea trout           

Cowden Mill - River at a perfect height, a fairly cold, clear night with a bright moon. Very few fish moving and only one was caught before midnight, a 1.5 lb salmon ! I took my fish just after midnight just above the stone, a sea trout of 1 lb 10 oz. There still seems to be a dearth of sea trout. Jack had a grilse on Tuesday night.

Friday 30th September - 10 pm - 3 am

Cowden Mill - The river was at a good floating line height. A few fish moving but probably stale. Still a lack of fresh sea trout. A cool, bright night with a hazy moon. I had only one touch but no fish hooked. Very poor. No other fishers. Rain due Saturday evening?

Monday 3rd October - Midnight

Cowden Mill - There had been heavy rain till 9 pm and the river was slightly too high and coloured. A fair number of fish moving. Perfect weather - dark and mild. Alan M lost a good fish.

Monday 3rd October - 10 pm to 3 am 

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - A perfect night, mild with variable cloud cover, quite dark. The river slightly high but dropping, just reaching a good level for the sink tip about 3 am. My fish was a lovely fresh hen sea trout of 3.75 lbs, taken just above the burn in the middle of the stream. Size 8 fly with 8 maggots on sink tip line. 5 fishers on from dark, all left by 2 am with no fish caught.

Wednesday 5th October - 8 pm to 2 am

1 sea trout

Cowden Mill - River again slightly high requiring sink tip and 2 size 8 flies. A few fish moving on a nice fairly mild night. I had only one fish, taken at 10pm, a lovely fresh sea trout of 3 1/4 lb. A beautiful fish, heavily marked with well defined black spots.

Heavy rain early Thursday morning and during the day produced a very high spate on Thursday at 5pm and into Friday.

Saturday 8th October - 7 am - 8.30 am

1 sea trout  

Cowden Mill - River running below the stone. A few fish moving. I hooked and landed a 3 lb sea trout shortly after 7 in the run below the stone. One other small sea trout was taken about 8am. I fished down to the Mill Pool with no other touches.

Saturday 8th October - 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm

Cowden Mill - Water rising, at a good height by 7 pm but starting to colour - No touches. Will be a spate on Sunday.

Monday 10th October - 8 pm - 1 am

Cowden Mill - River at a good height for floating line but a cold night, a clear sky with no moon. Only a few fish moving. 1 grilse and 1 small sea trout taken among 8 fishers.

Wednesday 12th October - 4.30 pm - 7 pm       

1 salmon

Cowden Mill - A showery day with the river a wee bit low at 4.30 but rising slowly and only slightly coloured. Almost breaking the top of the stone at 5am, a good height for the top run. A few fish moving, too. I took a cock salmon of 8lb 2 oz on the tail fly, a size 8 treble with black squirrel wing and red/black body with a red mid hackle and JC wing. A good strong fish. I had the pool to myself.

Thursday 13th October - 7.30 pm - 12 midnight

Cowden Mill - Level began at floating line height but was rising and colouring slowly. No touches to maggot or sunk lure. A nice, mild night with only myself and George fishing. Nothing!

Friday 14th October  - 10 pm - 12 midnight

Cowden Mill - A clear, cold, misty night with only a few fish moving. A good height for the floating line .... no offers.

Wednesday 19th October - 7.30 am - 5 pm 

1 grilse

Cowden Mill - A high spate, dirty in the morning but dropping and fishable by about 11am, though still very coloured and clearing slowly. At 2.30pm the water still seemed slightly higher and more coloured than ideal but Billy D had a 7lb cock fish on a size 8/6 claret shrimp ( claret seal's fur ribbed gold with double claret hackle, GP tail and JC cheeks) and, while he was playing his at the top of the pool, I hooked a 6 1/4 lb hen fish, a nice fresh fish, just above the bend near the near ( right) bank. It was duly landed, taken on a size 8 Drury treble (silver body, GP crest tail, red hackle, black squirrel and JC wing). No other fish caught when I left ( 8 fishers). I had to leave at 5 pm for the Scotland V Yugoslavia game at Hampden ( Draw 1-1)

Fair bit of rain Thursday morning.

Wednesday 26th October - Dawn to Dusk 

Cowden Mill - River too high in the morning but dropped quickly and fishable all afternoon, probably reaching an ideal height at dusk. I lost a fish in the run at 2pm. The dropper, 12 lb maxima, broke off with very little pressure! Only one fish caught, a grilse of 6 lb at 5pm. Quite a few fish about.


1988 season River Endrick

30 Sea Trout (plus Alan -1)

3 salmon

A poor year for sea trout. Numbers low, although average size was good, at 3 lb or more.

Biggest sea trout - 8 lb

Biggest salmon - 8 lb 2 oz

A good run of fish, mainly grilse, late July and August. Conditions, good from July onwards.

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