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Cascade Needle Tube

Cascade Needle Tube Fly

The Needle Tube, newly developed and manufactured in Scotland by Grays of Kilsyth, is the thinnest plastic lined metal tube available for fly tying, allowing the salmon fly tyer to create extremely slim bodied flies such as this needle tube cascade, a simplified version of Ally Gowans's famous salmon fly. The thin stainless steel tube, with a diameter of only 1.5 mm, has been left undressed to give a slim shiny silver body. The Needle Tube is much slimmer, lighter and more easily cast than the traditional copper and brass tubes but will fish deeper than a plastic or aluminium bodied tube fly. See also Tube Flies

Grays Needle Tubes are now available online in a range of diameters and lengths.

How to tie the Cascade Needle Tube


A needle tube of desired diameter and length
Tying thread
Black, orange and yellow hair
A few strands of Crystal Flash
Orange and yellow hackles
Short length of clear silicone or PVC tubing
Hook of choice

1. Insert needle tube in Tube Fly Vice.

Cascade Needle Tube - fly tying

2. Lay a short bed of tying thread at the head.

Fly tying with needle tubes

3. Tie in a mixed bunch of orange and yellow hair.

Grays Needle Tube Fly

4. Add a few strands of orange crystal flash.

Salmon Tube Fly using Grays Needle Tubes

5. Tie in a little black hair, slightly shorter than the orange and yellow hair.

Cascade Tube Fly

6. Tie in an orange hackle.

Needle Tube Cascade Salmon Fly

7. Wind three turns of hackle and secure with a few turns of thread.

Tying salmon flies on Grays Needle Tubes

8. Tie in a yellow hackle.

Needle Tube fly tying

9. Wind three turns of hackle, secure, form head and varnish.

Cacade salmon tube fly

Cascade Needle Tube

 For more information, or to buy needle tubes, see Grays Needle Tubes


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