Traditional Scottish Salmon Flies of the 19th Century

The photographs below show fully dressed salmon flies in common use during the nineteenth century and early part of the twentieth century. Such intricately dressed fly patterns were widely used in Atlantic salmon fly fishing throughout Scotland and elsewhere into the twentieth century. It was during the Victorian period that the art of salmon fly dressing reach its peak, rare feathers from exotic birds being employed to create a great variety of gaudy patterns. The popularity of such salmon flies continued into the early part of the twentieth century, during which they were gradually superseded by simpler hairwing patterns and low water dresssings, as used on the Dee by A.H.E. Wood of Cairnton.   

For more about the development of Scottish salmon flies, see salmon flies

Scottish Salmon Flies

 Traditional Salmon Flies - Plate 1                                click image to enlarge

Blue Doctor Wilkinson Poyander Dunkeld
Black Doctor Red Drummond Black Dog Dusty Miller
Silver Doctor Silver Grey Claret Major Childers
Jock Scott Butcher Durham Ranger Red Rover

  Traditional Salmon Flies - Plate 2                              click image to enlarge

Duchess Stevenson Gordon
Black Prince Silver Test Benchill
Mar Lodge Green Highlander Sir Herbert Maxwell

  Traditional Salmon Flies - Plate 3                               click image to enlarge

Dandy Thunder & Lightning Winterton Sherbrooke
Beaconsfield Canary Greenwell President
Red Ranger Hunter Whitewing Baker Yellow Babnet
Bull Dog Olive Blue Highlander Jonah

  Traditional Salmon Flies - Plate 4                              click image to enlarge

Lemon Grey Kerry Olive Blue Palmer Moray Downe
Blue Jay Claret Gold Canary Lee Blue
Garibaldi Orange Grey Fotler Pale Lemon Grey
Black and Gold Spring Blue Peacock Dawson

  Traditional Salmon Flies - Plate 5                               click image to enlarge

Black Fairy Colonel Parson
Jock Ferguson Snow Fly Mystery
Kate Sir Richard Britannia

  Traditional Salmon Flies - Plate 6                                click image to enlarge

Yellow Eagle Black Ranger Grey Eagle
Popham Blue Jock Scott White Tip
Smith Double White Tip White Wing


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