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Trout Fishing on Skye, Scotland

Skye is a large island offering trout fishing opportunities throughout its fifty mile length, some of them managed by the Portree Angling Association. The best of the trout fishing is on the Storr Lochs, Leathan and Fada. Loch permits are available to visitors at a cost of 8 pounds per day. River fishing for sea trout and salmon is available on association rivers at a cost of 10 per day.

The maps on this website have been reproduced with the permission of Collins Bartholomew. Please note that these maps may date back several decades. Much of the human detail will have changed but the character of the rivers and lochs, and the trout and salmon in them, will be much the same as they have always been.

In addition to the information provided here, I would recommend that anyone planning a fishing or walking trip in Scotland should equip themselves with a compass and the appropriate Ordnance Survey map. The most useful of the O.S. maps for the fisherman is the Landranger series, scale 1:50,000. For each of the lochs and rivers listed here, I have given the relevant O. S. Map number. 

See Ordnance Survey Maps


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Skye - Fishing Maps

North of Skye

Map of Northern Skye

click on map to select an area to enlarge


North Skye Trout Fishing Lochs

The table below lists a few of the main trout lochs on North Skye with location maps


Central Skye - Fishing Map

Map of central Skye


Central Skye - Trout Fishing Lochs

The table below lists a few of the main trout lochs on central Skye with location maps


Skye East - Fishing Map

Map of Eastern Skye


East Skye - Trout Fishing Lochs

The table below lists a few of the main trout lochs on East Skye with location maps


Trout Fishing Skye - Loch Dhughaill

Lochain Dhuba, Skye - trout fishing


Skye West - Fishing Map

Map of Western Skye


Skye West - Trout Fishing Lochs

The table below lists a few of the main trout lochs on Western Skye with location maps




Loch Mor

32 view map
Loch Glen Ionadal 32 view map
Loch Dubh 32 view map
Loch Lic - aird 32 view map


Skye South - Fishing Map

South Skye


South Skye - Trout Lochs

The table below lists a few of the main trout lochs in Southern Skye with location maps




Loch Coruisk

15 view map
Loch Cill Chriosd 15 view map
Loch Lonachan 15 view map
Loch an Eilean 15 view map
Lochan Dubha 15 view map
Loch Meodal 15 view map
Loch an Iasgaich 15 view map
Loch Doir an Eich 15 view map
Loch Baravaig 15 view map
Loch nan Uamh 15 view map
Loch Dhughaill 15 view map
Loch Ghllinne 15 view map
Loch Lamascaig 15 view map
Loch Horaveg 15 view map
Loch Aruisgh 15 view map


Angling Clubs and Associations

Portree Angling Association

The Portree Angling Association controls all the loch fishing on the East side of the Trotternish Peninsula and also the loch beside the Coastguard Cottages at Duntulm and Loch Sneosdal above Balgowan north of Uig.  The lochs all contain wild brown trout except Loch Mealt, which contains Arctic Char. The best of the fishing is in Storr Lochs, Leathan and Fada, which are beside the road from Portree to Staffin, about 5 Miles north of Portree.  Another loch worth fishing is Loch Cuithir, accessed by a track running beside the River Lealt.  Lochs Langaig and Hasco have a lot of small trout in them with some better fish.

The Association also controls almost all the river fishing in the area, with the exception of the River Snizort and the south bank of the River Lealt. The River Lealt in recent years has been the most productive of the association rivers.  Other rivers under the control of the association include the Kilmartin River, the Brogaig River and the Kilmaluag River, all with runs of sea trout and occasional salmon. Permits for the last 3 rivers are available from Jansport at a cost of 10 for the day for all three rivers. The River Snizort is now managed by Three Esses Ltd., based in Portree.

Bank Fishing for all association lochs cost 8.00 per day and boat fishing is from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at 15.00 and from 5 p.m. to dusk which costs 10.00. All the lochs are fly only. There is a current bag limit on the Srorr Lochs of six fish, which must all be of a minimum of 10 inches in length. Boat permits cover two rods.  Keys for the boats are issued by and returnable to Jansport. A weekly (6 Days) Bank Permit can be purchased for 35.00.

Information and permits from Jansport, Wentworth Street, Portree (tel. 01478 612559).

Further information from the Association Secretary, Alastair Nicolson tel 01478 612482 or email

Interactive Map of Skye

View Google maps and aerial satellite photographs of Sky

You may also search for information about the area using the map search function







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